Helping People & Animals to Better Understand Each Other

I am humbled to be able to assist in this incredible communication process. Once both parties understand each other, there is a huge opportunity to make all their lives better.

Knowing, Sharing, Understanding.

Welcome to Deborah Shepherd Animal Communication. You are taking such an important step in the relationship that you have with your animal friend(s). Once you understand each other’s point of view, there are no limits to the love that you can share and the things that you can accomplish together.

Behavioral issues often stem from a lack of understanding between people and animals. Aside from just wanting to get along and keep harmony in your lives, a better understanding between you can set up a situation for all of you to thrive, rather than just survive. It is important to know if there are health concerns with your animals, and clear communication can help with that aspect as well.

Unfortunately all relationships must eventually come to an end. The end of our journey with our animal friends can be a very stressful time and I believe that clear communication can make this time much more peaceful. When everyone is clear and their desires and wishes are carried out, there is no room for feelings of guilt to develop. It is also wonderful to check in with your animal once they have passed on to the other side to make sure they are ok. You come to realize that with their passing, you have only lost the ability to physically touch them, not the ability to connect with them. I look forward to working with you and your animal friends.

Animal Communication Services

Ask Yourself

  • Do you wish that you knew what your animal friend was thinking?

  • Do you wish you could ask your animal friend what they wanted to do in a situation?

  • Do you wonder what you could do to make your animal friend happier?

  • Do you wish you could understand why your animal friend does certain behaviors?

  • Do you want to know how your animal friend feels about you and their life?

  • Do you want to know if your animal friend is hurting physically?

  • Do you want to know when your animal friend is ready to pass on to the other side?

  • Do you wonder how your animal friend is doing once they have passed away?

  • Do you ever wish you could communicate your thoughts to a wild animal?

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Betty's Experience

“She made me a believer! I have 4 dogs, one of which is a golden retriever named Ruby. During the reading with Deb, she told me that there was something bothering Ruby’s left shoulder and that it was uncomfortable for her to lay on that side, and that she was very embarrassed. I knew that Ruby had developed a lipoma on that shoulder which was becoming rather large but Deb was completely unaware of her situation prior to our conversation. I had planned on having the lipoma removed but did not know just how much it was affecting Ruby mentally. I expedited scheduling her surgery and Ruby is like a new dog – running and playing and able to lay on her side with ease. She is very happy now. Deb was truly attuned to Ruby’s feelings and issues and helped me understand and act on my dog’s behalf.” – Betty D.

Helene's Experience

“I recently had Deb do a communication with both my horse and my dog. My dog was nervous at agility class after I had an accident there. My horse was having some respect issues also. To my surprise, after Deb spoke with them, I had a great horse show and an excellent dog agility class the next day. It was a total change, I highly recommend her.” -Helene C.

Nancy Windheart (Mentor)

“Deborah is a skilled and compassionate animal communicator who completed my Professional Animal Communication Certification Program in 2020. She shares her gifts with both animals and their human companions with an open heart and a strong grounding of dedication and care. I am delighted to recommend Deborah as an animal communicator and to support her work in this field!”
– Nancy Windheart
Certified Animal Communication Practitioner

Dr. Lauren Nappen (Mentor)

“If there was one thing I could share about Deb, it’s that she has an enduring love and passion for the relationship any of us creates with our beloved furry friends – she understands the depth, the reciprocity, the companionship – the love that moves through heart and soul, because she lives it with her own. As her Reiki Master Teacher, I have no doubt that anyone choosing to work with her is not only in good hands, but rather in great hands and heart. You and your beloved will be well cared for indeed.”
– Dr. Lauren Nappen, Reiki Master Teacher
Certificate of Completion - Master Reiki