Betty's Experience

“She made me a believer! I have 4 dogs, one of which is a golden retriever named Ruby. During the reading with Deb, she told me that there was something bothering Ruby’s left shoulder and that it was uncomfortable for her to lay on that side, and that she was very embarrassed. I knew that Ruby had developed a lipoma on that shoulder which was becoming rather large but Deb was completely unaware of her situation prior to our conversation. I had planned on having the lipoma removed but did not know just how much it was affecting Ruby mentally. I expedited scheduling her surgery and Ruby is like a new dog – running and playing and able to lay on her side with ease. She is very happy now. Deb was truly attuned to Ruby’s feelings and issues and helped me understand and act on my dog’s behalf.”
– Betty D.

Helene's Experience

“I recently had Deb do a communication with both my horse and my dog. My dog was nervous at agility class after I had an accident there. My horse was having some respect issues also. To my surprise, after Deb spoke with them, I had a great horse show and an excellent dog agility class the next day. It was a total change, I highly recommend her.”
-Helene C.

Grace's Experience

Talking with Deborah has been extremely comforting and helpful as my dog is approaching end of life. She spoke about very specific things my dog loves and has given invaluable insights into our relationship. All of this has really helped me to focus more on enjoying the time we’ve had together and continue to have together, rather than worrying about the end. I would definitely recommend her.
– Grace M.

Susan's Experience

I met Deborah at a very dark time in my life–mid pandemic, grieving the unexpected loss of my 15-year-old dachshund, and trying to keep the peace between a new dachsie puppy and my old cats. The insights that she shared from her conversations with the animals (on both sides of the rainbow bridge) were comforting and helpful. And helped us all adjust to a new life together.
– Susan B.

Meaghan's Experience

I’ve been an animal lover my entire life. My connection to all animals is such a valued part of who I am. As any animal lover knows, loss is both devastating yet inevitable. Having experienced that pain before, I knew what awaited me as the time was drawing near for my beloved Gator.

As I agonized over the timing of his soon-to-be passing, the universe sent me the unexpected gift of communication, and it came in the form of a truly generous, kind, intuitive woman. Deb was and continues to be a part of Gator’s story. Her ability to communicate with animals and relay those feelings to the humans in their lives is simply extraordinary.

Only months later, I was faced with the heart wrenching decision of ending the suffering of my heart horse. Deb was there for me and my boys, bringing me peace during the most difficult moments of my life. I can’t imagine how I would have made it through those months without her or her gifts.
– Meaghan F.

Christi's Experience

Deb’s animal communication skills are rooted in her deep natural instincts, calming and positive energy, and sincere love for animals. She has a genuine appreciation for animals’ needs and desires to communicate, and a kindness that allows them to feel comfortable and open to sharing with her. The best communicators are good listeners and while Deb has a natural talent for talking to animals, even more significant is her ability to hear – and really listen – to them.
– Christi C.

Katy's Experience

It is my pleasure to write in support of Deb’s animal communication. We worked through a year of training together under the guidance of Nancy Windheart. In that time, I got to experience many of Deb’s qualities that allow me to recommend her work now.

She is incredibly grounded, and her compassion provides her with the framework to support others that call on her for help. Indeed, through some of her case studies, that we were privileged to share with her, I learnt that she was motivated in her purpose to provide clear and helpful communication with the animals, yet never lost the empathy that is so necessary in these situations when sharing the communication with the humans.

I had the honour of Deb communicating with my horse friend, Mollie, and it was a really enlightening experience!

I can thoroughly recommend that anyone wishing to hear their animal friends’ point of view, get in touch with Deb and look forward to their time with her.
– Katy S.