Reiki for Animals

Animals really respond to Reiki energy healing once they are exposed to it and they appear to crave its healing powers. I am attuned to the Master level of Reiki so I am able to do a hands on Reiki as well as a distance Reiki session for your animal friend.

Animals tend to be very sensitive to Reiki energy and the healing energy can be delivered with my hands close but not on the animal. Once I work with them a few times, they are able to receive the Reiki energy from me with direct touch contact. Animals are very intuitive, and they know when they have had enough Reiki energy. They will move away from me when they have had enough healing for one session.

As a Reiki Master, I am able to send Reiki healing energy to your animal friend from a distance, so I am able to assist you with this healing anywhere in the world.

I have noticed that once I have offered Reiki energy healing to animals, they request it from me the next time I am in their presence. Many times when I go to the barn to ride my horses, I will turn to take a step and find several dogs sitting by me waiting for a little Reiki session. When I take a few minutes to offer it to them, they tend to lay down and allow the Reiki energy healing to flow. I always find it interesting when animals offer to me the part of their body that needs it most. My ability to offer healing along with my telepathic communication abilities, makes it easy for me to know just what the animal needs.

Reiki energy brings about the greatest good for the person, animal or situation. I cannot control the exact outcome, but I can ask for your greatest good to be directed to you. Reiki is only positive energy.