You can call, text or email. She will respond equally to all of those methods.

A half hour is sufficient for communication with one animal friend.

One hour is better for 1-3 animal friends or a combo of communication and Reiki energy healing.

Prepare questions that you have for your animal friend. Think about what you want your animal to know from you and prepare some statements for them.

You can select from two different methods:

  1. You can submit your questions and statements to Deb via email and she will contact your animal friend and then submit a full report of her communication with your animal. You can submit follow-up questions or statements after reading the report of the communication.
  2. You can also choose to have a direct connection phone call or in-person communication with Deb and your animal. She will communicate with your animal and report directly to you at that time.

Method 1 is helpful for people that are a bit nervous about the communication session and would feel better not having that direct connection with the communicator. It is also nice for animals that have not done a professional session of communication because Deb can take her time connecting with them and not put them on the spot. She can reach out to them a few times to take a slower pace, which makes them a bit more comfortable. Some clients like to get the written report and sit with it and let it resonate before they reach out with their follow-up questions or statements. Some clients find that some of the information that is communicated makes them very emotional, and they feel uncomfortable being on a call directly with the communicator.

Method 2 is a great way to create a synergism between you, your animal friend and Deb. Often with this synergism, one question or answer sparks another and things are off and running in their own direction. Clients find this method helpful because if something in the communication doesn’t immediately ring true, they can ask the animal for more information.

Many times things will come up in the communication that do not make sense to you at the time. I recommend that you sit with that item and vibe with it or send it out to the universe for clarification. Many times something will come about (a memory or a spouse’s confirmation) that will make the item totally make sense. Animals will sometimes show me a color, a shape, or something that I do not recognize and I do not elaborate on the item. I tell you exactly what I get from your animal. There will be times when I think something that they tell me couldn’t possibly make sense, but it totally makes sense to you.

Payment is due when the appointment is booked. Payment can be made in cash, Venmo, or PayPal.

½ hour is $60.00; 1 hour is $120.00