How Animal Communications Work

When animals communicate with me, they give me information via knowing and seeing. I can hear them at times as well. They will show me things in their life that matter to them. Sometimes they are not overly clear and they will just show me a color or a shape, or a texture. Sometimes they will just give me a feeling. I do not take it upon myself to decipher what they are showing me. I will report exactly what they send to me. Many times, something that makes absolutely no sense to me will be an “Aha” moment for you. If something comes up that does not ring true with you, just tuck it away and think and vibe on it later. Very often, something will come up that makes the whole thing make sense to you. I am also able to enter your animal’s body with their permission and feel what they feel. This can be helpful with pain, vision issues, or just giving you perspective on the way things look to them in their life. If nothing else, I can tell you what it feels like to be them which is always very interesting.

Communication via email (Flat fee)

This method is recommended for people that are nervous about one-on-one communication with me on the phone or Zoom.  Some people find it easier to take their time in developing their questions for their animals and may also find it a little too intense to speak in real time with the communicator.  They pose their questions for their animal friend, and they state what they wish their animal friend to know from them.  I connect with the animal on my own time and send an email report of my communication with your animal.  Clients are offered a follow-up session with their animal friend to clarify any topics.  This method is also helpful for animals that may not be familiar with connecting with a communicator and may need a little time to warm up to the idea. 

Communication in a real time telephone call or Zoom call (1/2 hour or 1 hour)

This method is great for animals that are used to the animal communication process but also just fine with animals that are new to the experience.  It creates a synergism between the client, their animal friend and I, which allows a free and easy communication that flows well.  Sometimes the synergism is very important because something that is mentioned sparks another question or thought and so much more is accomplished in the connection.  Animals also enjoy the synergism because it makes them feel closer to their people.  It’s a lovely experience.

This method of communication is offered at ½ hour and 1-hour increments.  Typically, a ½ hour is plenty for one animal.  The 1-hour session is recommended for clients that may wish to speak with more than one animal in a session, or if you wish to enter a quiet meditation with me and your animal.  This hour-long session time may also be used to have animal communication as well as a Reiki session for you and/or your animal included.