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selfie of Deborah and her goat Maverick

Hearing vs. Listening: A Lesson from Maverick

As an animal communication practitioner, I can sometimes get a little too close to my own animals and not always take the time to hear what they are really trying to tell me.  I have two goats (Maverick and Wyatt) that I adopted as babies that I fed bottles to for several months.  They started out young and cute and innocent and, in a short period of time, grew into boisterous teenagers.  For those of you that do not have experience with goats, teenage goats (approx. 12-24 months old) are very much like chimpanzees.  They are fast and strong, and still pretty immature mentally.  They can leap 4 feet high from a stand still and will eat pretty much anything that comes into their path.  They are pretty funny to watch and experience at times, but they can get into a bunch of trouble in an instant.